English is a global language, a firm grasp of it is crucial to your child’s success.



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English is a global language, a firm grasp of it is crucial to your child’s success.
Our English courses train each student in the fundamentals. From punctuation and grammar to reading and interpretating course texts, once the basic level is covered we build with more complex topics such as creative and descriptive writing.

Our final aim is for students to master the fundamentals with ease while also comfortably partaking in critical analysis, characterisation and other complex topics.

In order to access each child’s individual ability and to secure them on to a tailored course we ask potential students to take a free assessment.

Once we can see a significant level of growth and development in a student we encourage them to study more complex topics.

This flexibility to study at their own pace not only encourages students to learn but to develop a real passion for what they are learning.

Frobel Learning

A new and expanding tuition centre in the UK. Our efficient teaching methods ensure a successful approach to learning. Our courses ensure that regardless of your child’s abilities they will improve and develop their skills. Our methods work. They are modern and progressive and are designed to bring out the best in your child.


Address 1: 67-73 Longbridge Road Barking, IG11 8GT
Address 2: 140 Paul Street Stratford, London, E15 4FF
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